So you want some proof...

Ok, I know you can't just take my word for how awesome I am so here's a little smattering of some things I've done...

Eclipse Acupuncture

Co-designed with the business owner, this static site was developed using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, and Javascript in 2017.

As of July 2018, it has been moved to Wordpress where the bulk of the content is now customizable by the owner.

The Game of Life

This was a project that was required to be completed for Free Code Camp's Full Stack Developer certification. At the time, however, the React tutorials were not available so this was self-taught. I hope to go back to this and clean up the code soon.

This project includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React.


This was created as part of a tutorial, hence the name of the project. The site was developed locally using HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Bootstrap. It was then transitioned into a Wordpress theme.

Completed in June of 2018, this site is 100% customizable via Wordpress and complete mobile responsive. A big part of this project was being able to debug problems that arose from the material being a few years old and myself using the latest releases of Wordpress and Bootstrap.

Haven't found what you're looking for yet?

Bummer, but fear not! You can also check out my Codepen to see what I've been messing around with lately. Or, better yet, you can drop me a line and ask!